Department of Geology

The department was established with the inception of the Central Tribal University of Andhra Pradesh in the year 2019. This department capitalizes on its diverse geological landscape encompassing igneous, metamorphic, and coastal sedimentary areas. This unique setting offers a wealth of academic and research prospects in geology, earth sciences, and environmental studies. Students and researchers benefit from immersive field studies, fostering empirical research and interdisciplinary collaboration across various disciplines like marine biology, geology, and environmental science.

Additionally, the department’s focus on understanding resource utilization, including minerals, water, and land, supports sustainable development initiatives, community engagement, and effective conservation efforts in tribal regions, integrating geological insights with socio-economic factors.


  • Integrated M.Sc Geology
  • B Sc Geology Honours/ Honours with Research  (as per NEP 2020)

Laboratory/ Geology Museum: 

  • Geology museum equipped with  minerals  rocks specimens
  • Optical mineralogy lab equipped with advanced microscopes


Faculty :


Departmental Activities:

Field visits:

The Department firmly believes in the dynamic nature of geology as a field-based subject, fostering extensive student engagement with pivotal agencies such as the Geological Survey of India (GSI), Mines and Geology departments. It actively promotes weekly field visits to explore and comprehend locations of paramount geological significance. These interactions and field trips serve as vital conduits for practical learning, allowing students to delve deeper into real-world applications of geological principles and theories. Such initiatives not only enhance academic understanding but also instill a profound appreciation for the intricate geological processes shaping our world.


Achievements of Students:

  1. Ms . Majji madhavi Gayathri ,III Year Integrated M.Sc Geology ,won Second Prize in on spot photography competition with suitable caption on the subject “Geoheritage site”.
  2. Mr. Raviteja has completed a three months course as Assistant Surveyor offered by Central Tribal University of Andhra Pradesh in collaboration with the National Academy of Construction ( NAC ).

Study Resources :

Shodh Swayam
Swayamprabha Moocs
NAD Epathshala