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At Central Tribal University of Andhra Pradesh, we ensure the safety and security of faculty, staff and students with utmost importance.

Here are some key elements that has been implemented at CTUAP for women safety and security system:
1. Establishment of 24×7 women helpline number: +91 9703837204
2. Access control: One of the most important aspects of women safety and security at CTUAP is controlling access to the premises. This is ensured through a variety of means such as ID cards, biometric systems, micro-chip enabled access cards, etc.
3. CCTV surveillance: CCTV cameras are installed in key areas of the premises to monitor any suspicious activity. This helps in deterring potential offenders and also provides evidence in case of any incident.
4. Security personnel: Trained security personnel have been deployed to patrol the premises and ensure the safety of women. They have also been trained to respond to emergency situations.
5. Training and awareness: CTUAP have been organizing awareness programmes to educate women faculty, staff and students about the safety measures. Regular workshops and training sessions are conducted to raise awareness about safety and security.
6. Regular maintenance and checks: All safety measures are regularly checked and maintained. Any faults or defects are immediately rectified to ensure that the safety and security systems are functioning optimally


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