Research and Development Cell (RDC)

The Research and Development Cell (RDC) of Central Tribal University of Andhra Pradesh is dedicated to advancing innovation and knowledge creation. The primary goal of an RDC is to foster research, development, and innovation within the university.

Functions of RDC:

Research: Conducting original research in various fields relevant to the organization’s objectives.
Development: Creating and refining new products, services, processes, or technologies.
Innovation: Promoting a culture of innovation by encouraging new ideas, experimentation, and creative thinking.
Collaboration: Collaborating with internal teams, external partners, and experts to leverage knowledge and resources.
Funding: Seeking and managing funding sources such as grants, investments, or budget allocations for R&D projects.
Intellectual Property (IP) Management: Protecting and managing intellectual property generated through R&D activities, such as patents, copyrights, and trademarks.


Research and Development Committee(RDC)