Anti Ragging Committee

An Anti-Ragging Committee in Central Tribal University of Andhra Pradesh is a crucial entity designed to prevent, address, and manage incidents of ragging on campus. Ragging refers to any act of physical or psychological abuse, bullying, or harassment of new students by the older students. Anti Ragging Committee is pivotal in creating a safe, welcoming, and inclusive academic environment.

S.No Name of the Member Designation
1 Vice-Chancellor Chairman
2 Prof.T.Srinivasan Convener
3 Dr.P.Sridevi Member
4 Dr.Anirudh Kumar Member
5 Dr.Gangu Naidu Mandala Member
6 Dr.Kusum Member
7 Mr.Ch.Uday Kumar Member (Sr.Student)
8 Ms.S.Neelavathi Member (Sr.Student)
9 Sri.P.Raina Krishna Member (Parent of Sr.Student)
10 Smt. Vennela Kumari Member (Parent of Sr.Student)