Audio Visual Production Lab

An Audio Visual Production Lab, is a specialized workspace equipped with various technologies and tools used for creating audio and visual content.It serves as a creative space where students & Faculty can produce, edit, and refine audiovisual content for educational purposes. This play a crucial role in facilitating the creation of high-quality multimedia content by providing access to specialized equipment and resources.

Print Laboratory

One of the fundamental areas of professional training in any media institution, the print media laboratory is the flagship wing. Comprising 20 nos. of HP Desktop computers used for Designing Lab Journal, internet surfing, and printing the lab is fully geared to meet the current trends in laboratory journal preparation.

Television Studio

The Department has a Television Studio for the students to learn video editing and filmmaking. It is well equipped with a Multicam setup, effectively functional high-definition cameras, camcorders, sound recorders, an editing bay, teleprompter, and microphones, a production control room with a vision mixer and audio mixer for a multi-camera production, and a professional lighting system, which are used by students for photography and making videos, news clips, films, and documentaries. As well, all types of cameras are available to learn and master the skills of photojournalism.

Screening Hall

A short but well-planned screening hall is an important source for students watching documentaries/films and allows enough space for organizing small-scale film festivals/conferences/workshops. The hall is fully air-conditioned. Equipped with the latest Audio-Video Projection system, it allows for the seating of over 100 persons.

Computer Lab

The computer lab having 40 computers with internet facilities is used by students of Journalism and Mass Communication for their research project reports, dissertations, and other academic work assigned to them. Currently, the lab is shared with the Department of Computer Science.