Student interaction with Prof.Balaji Rao Jagirdar

Prof. Balaji R. Jagirdar from Department of inorganic and chemistry physical chemistry, Indian Institute of Sciences(IISC), Bangalore visited CTUAP, VIzianagaram on 22.12.2023. During his visit , the department organized an interaction program with Prof. Balaji R. Jagirdar, where students enthusiastically engaged with him. The focus of the program was on discussing and exploring ideas related to the students future career prospects in the field of chemistry.

The one hour interaction program proved to be highly successful, with students actively participating and expressing their thoughts. Prof. Balaji R. Jagirdar, drawing upon his extensive experience, played a pivotal role in clarifying the students questions and providing valuable insights. The event was a valuable opportunity for students to gain guidance and perspective from a seasoned professional in the field of chemistry