The Department of Social Work organized a seminar on World Social Work Day, featuring a distinguished guest speaker, Professor Bipin Jojo from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS). Professor Jojo delivered an insightful seminar on “Social Work Intervention: Transformative Approach for Tribal Development,” shedding light on innovative strategies for fostering sustainable change in tribal communities. Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Prof. T.V Kattimani also shed light on the importance of Indigenous knowledge system and its importance in the promotion value-based education as well as the development of society.

In conjunction with the theme of sustainability and community engagement, the department spearheaded an initiative focused on recycling and reusing waste plastic bottles. Students took proactive steps to collect over 1000 plastic bottles from public spaces such as bus stops, railway stations, and roadsides. These bottles were creatively repurposed to adorn the campus, adding both aesthetic appeal and environmental consciousness to the surroundings.

During the event, all winners of the various competitions were honored with medals and certificates. The esteemed Vice-Chancellor Prof T V Kattimaniand Professor Bipin Jojo presented these accolades, recognizing the participants’ achievements and contributions to the celebration. This gesture not only acknowledged their efforts but also motivated them to continue their dedication to social work and community development.